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Edward Gruhl

Phone: (715) 373-2703
Cell: (414) 698-9622

Property Law

Ed has done residential and commercial real estate work since 1977. He has worked on subdivisions, and many closings. He obtained a variance from an explosion relief setback from an interstate expressway ramp. He has evaluated suitability of commercial properties for clients and represented a potential buyer of property sold by a federal bankruptcy court.

Business Law

Ed has been a corporate counsel for Aldrich Chemical, Treasure Masters (Admitted to practice in New Hampshire), JAK-PAK and M&I Banks (Compliance). He has handled employment issues including ERISA as well as international sales and financing agreements. He has worked with OSHA, EPA, DOT, Customs, Coast Guard, NRA, Federal Reserve, Comptroller of the Currency and a number of other agencies. He has negotiated labor union agreements and handled grievances. He has been of counsel for Sulloway & Hollis in Concord, NH for computer issues. He has mediated commercial disputes. Ed has also done a number of incorporations.

He graduated from the Marquette University Law School where he specialized in property, taxation, business and finance issues. Ed received an MBA from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee where he was President of the business student council.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he skipped a year and was a graduate teaching assistant his last year.

Ed has also worked on a Ph.D. in Education and has taken all of the required courses.

When not working, he enjoys computer games, beekeeping and travel.

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